HOT HOT HOT Tips for Your Summer Party

There’s nothing like a fun outdoor party on a beautiful summer day.   However heat and humidity can really put a damper (pun intended) on any outdoor summer event – especially here in South Florida.   Here are some tips to having the coolest hot summer party.

Ice Ice Baby – Have buckets of ice water and colorful washcloths stacked nearby, and put a shallow bowl of ice in front of a fan to cool the air.   You can also buy misting fans and be sure you use ice water for the cooling.

Coolest cocktails – check out this link to make your favorite cocktail popsicles – .jr4dW1mAe

Also consider sno cones, fruit smoothies, pitchers of iced tea and lemonade (make the ice cubes out of the same beverage so they don’t get watered down), champagne or white wine sangria, and fruit infused waters


Keep the menu light. Don’t feed your guests heavy items, cold salads, fresh fruits and grilled vegetables are best on a hot summer night.   Make sure you keep the food indoors or at the correct temperature. Nothing should sit in the heat too long.

Have some shade – you can buy or rent awnings, small tents or large colorful market umbrellas to shade your guests if the party is during the day.


Fun tunes are a must. Everyone is already sweaty so they might as well dance and then everyone will be having so much fun they will forget about the temperature.

Ice cream sundaes are a fabulous cool treat,  Or hire a good humor truck to come by at the end of the night to bring back fun summer memories for our guests

Keep the dress code casual. Don’t have a fancy dress code for an outdoor party in the summer. You can call it “summer heat cool and comfy” or “barefoot beach chic.”

Lastly – have a rain plan. I know you don’t want to think about rain spoiling your event but those summer thundershowers can crash your party without an invitation. Plan an indoor option or a tent back up plan and watch the weather carefully.